Red Bull X-Alps 2013.

The 2013 Red Bull X-Alps will be the sixth edition of the world’s toughest adventure race. Athletes must either hike or fly over 100 km across the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco in the fastest time possible. Every kilometer must be covered either on foot or flown in a paraglider. It’s a formidable undertaking and takes place in one of the most breathtaking yet also unforgiving environments.


B-day kid.

Today's one of my best friends b-day! Yeeey!

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She's still everywhere. Beyoncé in H&M Summer Collection 2013 .

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Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.

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On repeat.

I'm in love! I think that I'm gonna listen to this song pretty much this summer. Whoop, whoop!




Nike - Make it count.


Toyota - street art.

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P&G - Proud sponsor of Moms.

The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world. LOVE the commercial! Well done P&G.


Volkswagen - It's not the miles, it's how you live them.

Just a little reminder that every second on earth is an opportunity to live life to its fullest.