Coca-Cola: Sing For Me Vending Machine

Somewhere in Sweden: The Coca-Cola Sing For Me Machine. You sing a swedish Christmas carol for it and it returns the favor with a Coke. Spreading the Christmas spirit one song at the time.


ASICS - ING New York City Marathon 'Support Your Marathoner'

In 2010 Asics and agency Vitro took a page from the digital/real-life playbook with a program for the New York City Marathon. The running shoe brand's "Support Your Marathoner" campaign collected cheers from friends and loved ones in the form of text, photos and video. It then set up three large screens around the course to project the messages to runners as they passed—their whereabouts tracked by the chip that all runners wear on their shoes to record their time and place.

About 5,000 messages, including 2,500 video clips, were projected, no doubt to the delight of exhausted runners.



Mini - Ahhhhh

There's no better place to escape danger than inside a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick MINI Countryman.


Elin Kling.



Father's Day - Dads Can't

Dove Men+Care - Father's Day

Ever promised you'd do something special with someone you love - no matter how early it starts? This dad has, and he isn't about to let his son down...



Oreo Commercial - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Share an Oreo moment with mom on Mother's Day and make it one she'll always remember.


Volkswagen - Woofwagen

There's a Volkswagen that's right for everyone, asserts this spot—including one for every breed of dog under the sun.


Coke Hug Machine

The Coca-Cola Hug Machine. You hug it, it returns the favour with a Coke. Because vending machines have feelings too.


Coca-Cola Moves to the beat of happiness

Somewhere in Belgium, Coca-Cola decided to warm up for the Olympic Games.


Chrysler - Miguel Cabrera

Chrysler loves a good Detroit story. Two years ago the Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown and American League MVP—makes for a pretty ideal hometown hero.  

"Whether you're working to become the game's greatest player like Miguel Cabrera or working to make the world's greatest cars, the only road worth taking is crafted by hard work and has no shortcuts".



The Coca Cola Friendship Machine

What if you can climb up a huge Coke machine and get 2 coke bottles for the price of one? A promo that only Friendship day can make possible.


 photo 03eb01b0-19c3-4df6-ac86-581b518be62e_zps76cf11ff.jpg


Miss Vogue #3: Kendall Jenner

Oreo commercial France.

A charming little girl teaches her dad how to eat an Oreo...even though he won't find it easy to get his hands on one! I absolutely adore French!


Coca-Cola Happiness Truck Philippines

A Coca-Cola delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels delivering "doses" of happiness in the streets of Marikina, Philippines.


Concepcion, laguna Jacolen.

We went to a private sports club near a lake called Jacolen, they had everything! Tennis courts, fitness center, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, football ground ... you name it.