Dree Hemingway

Stuart Weitzman - Made for walking.

The iconic Kate Moss is the star of Stuart Weitzman’s fall 2013 campaign called “Made For Walking”. I love how Kate was styled in her usual self with some Stuart Weitzman boots. Enough said. I love it.


ZARA AW13 Woman


No bullshit allowed.

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Balmain baby.

Even if I'm still sick at home it doesn't stop me from following the fashion week in Paris. I absolutely love it!

Some of today's shows was Lanvin, Rick Owens, Nina Ricci (she took my breath away...white, light and delicate, love it!), Balenciaga, Carven...AND Balmain.

With Balmain it’s always shoulders, it’s flashy, fun. It’s a bit brash, bold and big. Basically it’s out to make an impact and today did so in its Eighties-infused way, only this time with more sparkles and crystals to make it even more bling than last time. Thumbs up for Rousteing!

Another morning feels like yesterday.

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Apparently Miley Cyrus likes to combine "white trash style with Chanel". Who says that in an interview anyway? I thought that no one wanted to be associated with the word "white trash". Is that bad marketing for Chanel or will that just bring another type of audience?

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Celebrate London 2012 with Coca-Cola's biggest vending machine.

To celebrate London 2012, they wanted to offer Great Britain a free Coca-Cola. They couldn't find a vending machine big enough - but they got close.

The first cold.

You know the first cold after the summer? When you get the worst cold ever...with headache, snot and freezes constantly? I'm in that stage right now. Feels like I've used a whole toilet paper roll. Now I'm just overdosing vitamin C and a lot of smoothies (I'm not complaining, I love fruit!).

Well, well...I hope I get better soon, I have a party to attend haha.

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Sweet dreams.

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Run like you stole something.

New week. New day. New challange. This week me and my sister are going to run 21,1 km - a half marathon. I'm a competitive person. So 21,1 km...piece of cake. Let's do it!


Chrysler - Halftime in America

All that matters now is looking ahead and finding a way forward. That's what we do. We find a way through tough times, and if we can't find a way, then we'll make one.


Nike - Men vs Women

Just DO IT...



Dior Homme - 'The Film'

Dior Homme Fragrance Official Film starring Robert Pattinson, directed by Romain Gavras.

...new stories.

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Don't stop believing...unless your dream is stupid.

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Saint Laurent - "Dance"

Introducing Saint Laurent Classic ballerine shoes.


Vogue - The September Issue

JUST three weeks late. Insane (in a bad way).
Today I bought Vogue US. Now I have all the September issues that I need. I'm so happy and excited ... can't wait until I have my so called "Vogue-day".

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Chrysler - Imported from Detroit


My goal.

It can't be that hard, right?

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La Roche - Malmö

The other day me, my sister and my mum went out to eat. We went to the Spanish restaurant called La Roche. Located in Malmö and offers lots of small tapas-style dishes. Yummi!

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