Budweiser: The Buddy Cup

Budweiser Brazil just launched The Buddy Cup, a cup integrated with Facebook. When two people toast with their cups, they become friends. Take a look!

Nelita's farewell party.

Yesterday I went to Copenhagen (again yeeey!). It was Nelita's farewell party, so fun! Loved to meet all again. Thank you for everything Nelita! I'm gonna miss you though.

 photo IMG_5315_zpse8664cac.jpg photo IMG_5320_zpsfe7b7f92.jpg photo IMG_5317_zps8dfe70a9.jpg photo IMG_5364_zpscdc6a4d2.jpg photo IMG_5358_zps1f97e4a1.jpg photo IMG_5334_zps29b49be8.jpg photo IMG_5386_zps4c2824aa.jpg photo IMG_5322_zpse400ee1c.jpg photo IMG_5323_zpse0e6e6ba.jpg photo IMG_5363_zps8d42e650.jpg photo IMG_5349_zpsb74f0483.jpg photo IMG_5370_zpse964e6f3.jpg photo IMG_5341_zps8cbb1cb9.jpg photo IMG_5368_zps79147c57.jpg photo IMG_5375_zps7b802e7e.jpg



 photo 7ca15318-e3c4-49dd-a489-fd512fc12cb9_zpsd21d93e0.jpg photo erinvogueitalia12070006jn1_zps7a6a30d7.jpg photo AntonellaArismendiVita_zps77db7731.jpg photo aer_zpsd2cb4a2f.jpg photo fd182eae-98d0-48ee-af1e-eb5da3a1bcd0_zps7ce7e934.jpg photo 9a819a0b-b493-497a-a9cf-2ade23a8ec2f_zps84326939.jpg
 photo 551dcdd0-969e-453b-8384-d3b518b6fe11_zps9bc3fc3a.jpg



Presents from sis.

When my sister came home from Boston she brought me some presents. I absolutely love my new workout cloths!

 photo IMG_5302_zpsf3d36c8d.jpg photo IMG_5308_zpscfbfeb0a.jpg

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

 photo 9fc9271a-a401-4cfd-b839-4611d4584e06_zps5a2f9bef.jpg photo 3e68a5ba-053d-4956-8589-e63b8f8bafab_zpsf3359033.jpg photo 07fa1119-94a5-426f-8eec-204f571a55ce_zps89c2e941.jpg photo c5a2c3d4-0108-4ea2-8f57-a8d5b5eec60d_zps3882eeb3.jpg photo 7db9da26-eb8c-41d8-b283-eea0aea373ee_zps732b0289.jpg

Studentkörerna MaSK & Stämpus.

Two choirs. One from Malmoe and the other one from Helsingborg. It felt like I was in an episode of Glee. I must admit that I think that Helsingborg's choir was a little bit better. One of the songs that they sang was Coldplay's song "Fix You". I got goose bumps. So, so, so good!

 photo IMG_4129_zpsb9e00140.jpg photo IMG_4118_zps0d23ef51.jpg photo IMG_4126_zps019dad9c.jpg photo IMG_4127_zps6a3088b1.jpg photo IMG_4132_zps5eeba63e.jpg


Samsung with Usain Bolt.

The super-fast NX300 and the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, join hands to capture life's every fleeting moment. Superior shutter speed meets speedy sharing. You like?


Bieber-fever in Copenhagen.

In less than an hour is Justin Bieber's concert in Copenhagen. I was in Copenhagen earlier today, it was CRAZY! Lots of beliebers everywhere!

 photo 4125750227_zps2212b6ac.jpg photo dbbdca42-f0bb-4d9f-bf7b-e63011ec9a65_zpse6c9a1a9.jpg


Durex Fundawear - Touch over the Internet.

Truly perfect for couples with long distance relationships!

 photo 4cbc5e8b-420a-48b7-b515-2ca08585aa35_zpsb03263e1.jpg


It-girl: Olivia Palermo

A girl with superb styling skills by mixing up luxury designers labels with high street brands. Two words: killer combo’s.

  photo 0e8224b7-0f32-4453-a520-3128ba70fa97_zpse4db8e77.jpg photo 2a43b14a-4431-4435-aa3c-11ba36a8d723_zpsbf260a99.jpg photo OliviaPalermoTheFashionDealerStreetStyle2_zps9237830f.png photo 98c1b6d6-1ff1-4358-84c1-28b7d86f537b_zps5aa29ac2.jpg photo 6d905312-24ef-445b-a526-bc35870c4994_zps1622f943.jpg photo b32aae97-88c2-4eaa-9e73-2c7558668ce3_zpsb4a77707.jpg



He's a cool kid.

 photo IMG_4482_zpsdab1ea69.jpg photo IMG_4496_zpsea034b8a.jpg photo IMG_4467_zps5f4ecad8.jpg photo IMG_4499_zps8ca6ff25.jpg