Nelita's farewell party.

Yesterday I went to Copenhagen (again yeeey!). It was Nelita's farewell party, so fun! Loved to meet all again. Thank you for everything Nelita! I'm gonna miss you though.

 photo IMG_5315_zpse8664cac.jpg photo IMG_5320_zpsfe7b7f92.jpg photo IMG_5317_zps8dfe70a9.jpg photo IMG_5364_zpscdc6a4d2.jpg photo IMG_5358_zps1f97e4a1.jpg photo IMG_5334_zps29b49be8.jpg photo IMG_5386_zps4c2824aa.jpg photo IMG_5322_zpse400ee1c.jpg photo IMG_5323_zpse0e6e6ba.jpg photo IMG_5363_zps8d42e650.jpg photo IMG_5349_zpsb74f0483.jpg photo IMG_5370_zpse964e6f3.jpg photo IMG_5341_zps8cbb1cb9.jpg photo IMG_5368_zps79147c57.jpg photo IMG_5375_zps7b802e7e.jpg

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Nelita Calaca said...

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! Going to miss you so much!
Thanks for coming xxxxx