Nike Presents: We Will #Makeitcount

Together we are unstoppable. Follow through on your goals. Make your resolution a promise.
How was your 2013?



Tu me diras merci après.

Everything began in Paris, 2008. We ended up in a small souvenir shop where they sold a bunch of condoms with Paris motif on them. So cute!
So it was there we started our collection, "condoms with fun designs from different cities". Fun huh?

Tiffany & Co. - 2010 Christmas commercial



The Coca-Cola Magic Machine

Some days before Christmas: In a small town called Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Coca-cola installed a magic machine to share all the happiness on Christmas.

Nobody’s perfect, we screw up, we make mistakes, have heartbreaks, go through hard times but you need to know that this is life.




The New York subway signs experiment.

NYC subways have a strange rule. Before opening the train doors, a conductor is required to point at the sign to acknowledge (for safety reasons) that the train has fully arrived in the station.
Rose Sacktor and Yosef Lerner, roommates and a former art director/copywriter duo at Miami Ad School, decided to use this little-known gesture as a way to acknowledge and even entertain the conductors who work so hard to shuttle NYC commuters around each day.

 "Conductors spend their whole day in that small booth, alone. It is incredibly loud, and they get minimal human contact. We decided to show our appreciation for their work."




Hey you...


One of the coziest places to eat at. Are you in Lille so eat there. I highly recommend it.