I should work at Chanel.

During my last day in Paris I just had to stop by one store - Chanel. Have to say that their new bag collection is to die for...it screamed "had-to-have" all over it.

Anyway, in the shop there was a little lady. She was so French! She was going to buy a Chanel jacket and apparently she didn't think that the staff helped her enough. She was actually quite mad (in a french way).
When I came into the store she gave me a "top-down" look (so friendly haha). I continued to look around the shop, it felt like heaven. From nowhere the French lady asked me what jacket I liked the most. Shocked that she asked me, I answered with my lack of French that I preferred probably a completely different jacket. Of course she looked skeptically at me ... "tourists". Well...in the end she bought "my choice" anyway.

You're welcome Chanel.

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