The merde factor.

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Beats by Dre: Hear what you want.

Beats by Dre spot starring Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Garnett, who's shown using the brand's wireless studio headphones to cancel out angry, often ugly catcalls from fans on game day. Haters viciously taunt him for being too old, at 37, to lead the team to a championship.
Aloe Blacc's uplifting, anthemic track "The Man" works well as a counterpoint...check it out.


Le Louvre.

Although I have been to Le Louvre a thousand times, I can't stop marveling at how beautiful it is there.

Pedigree - Billboard walk.

Pedigree wanted to encourage dog owners to give their pets the recommended 30-minute walk each day, so DDB Brussels used bus shelter ads to create dog-walking tour routes through Belgium's largest cities. Each walk was arranged in a loop covering about 2 kilometers, scattered through neighborhoods in Brussels and Ghent.

The effort won gold at Belgium's Creative Out of Home Awards earlier this year.



Where do you fall on the layerography spectrum?

From classic chic to mad & fabulous, here’s six ways to layer this winter.

LEGO - Let's build.

There have been several great father-son stories in advertising this year. This one transport you to another world and forge family bonds that will last long after those cobbled-together spaceships and castles fall apart.


Just go with the flow. Keep learning and experimenting, that is really all we can do. Listen to the criticism, but be aware from where it comes. Tastes are so very different.


Karlie Kloss by Miguel Reveriego.

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National Australia Bank - More Give, Less Take

This spot for National Australia Bank features an entertainingly bizarre array of pop-culture references.

"At NAB, we've challenged the way banks behave for the better and we're not about to stop. We're about more of the good stuff, less of the bad".


La Boutique, Paris.

We saw the store from long way, it almost screamed cosiness. We just had to go in. The shop, located in the heart of Paris (in 14 Quai de la mégisserie), is entirely dedicated to the home. Behind its old way windows workshop, you will find a nice selection of furniture sofas where charm can rub industrial buffets. If you are looking for really "insane, have-to-have" decoration och furnitures. Then this is your place.


Google - Introducing helpouts.

Our goal is simple: help people help each other. We want to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with someone who can help.

Google is launching Helpouts, a live video-chat network of more than 1,000 experts on subjects like technology, fitness, beauty, nutrition, music, cooking and more. These experts—selected through a screening process—set their own prices, and provide users with individualized advice and assistance. Google calls it "real help from real people in real time".



Breakfast in Paris.


Baileys - Christmas Nutcracker

At Baileys we love the spectacle and indulgence of Christmas and what could be more spectacular and fabulously indulgent than our reimagined version of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker? So sit back, pour yourself a Baileys and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

It's really well made, and the dancing is impressive, as are the sets, direction and costumes. But maybe it needed a bit more holiday warmth? What do you think?



Malmö Nation - Rock Casa

Here are some of the pics I took the other day at Malmö Nation's "Rock Casa". It was insane! Love theme-parties!