Take a tour of Michael Jordan's $29M mansion 54,000-square-foot house up for auction tomorrow!

If you were NBA legend Michael Jordan and looking to sell your Chicago-area mansion, how would you go about putting it on the market? Why not create an MTV Cribs-style tour of your personal residence, add sprinkles of your career highlights and set a date for a live auction? That's exactly what Jordan decided to do with Concierge Auctions.

The basketball star lived in the home for nearly 20 years. I read in the NBC that he said he is selling the home because “my kids are grown now and I don’t need a large house in Chicago”. Mr. Jordan said he splits his time between the team’s base in North Carolina and a new home he built. “It was time for some warmer weather down at my new home in Florida”, added Mr. Jordan, who said he also has a vacation home in Utah.

It's officially been valued at $29 million...so don't forget your checkbook!


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