Loving my Saturday.

Woke up to the smell of Mum's freshly baked bread and my sister's awesome porridge. What would I do without them?

Today's "to do" is: go to the gym, to the hairdresser, meet a friend...and tonight I'm going to a Cocktail party and I know exactly what to wear! Guess the shoes? Something beginning with Christian and ending in Louboutin.

 photo 54abf94c-9bdc-4ea3-9bac-28481422dfcc_zps72408f6c.jpg photo 86b961d1-5ffa-44d1-bcb4-bce0bb4c7065_zpsa3d1b915.jpg photo c788ccff-dc79-4a6b-8383-af36789a9a1a_zpse8042efd.jpg

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